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And then surprisingly all and especially myself, I said: – Why go anywhere
then, if much interested, for a beer and I can show, I probably better than any
the unknown guys. – What!? And really show it, – almost in unison pulled faces at me. – Well, what’s wrong with that, if you’re interested, just beer ahead – I snapped. – Who will bring – looked at each other reddened such an offer girls and quickly rushed through the woods toward the house Lesi. – You seriously want to show them, or just a beer with them strebovat? – Asked Sasha. – I do not know, and can show you, and you know it’s probably a thrill devchenke show and even masturbate in front of her, – I replied. – As it is, to masturbate? – Sasha asked with bewilderment. – What are you have not tried? – No, but how is it? – Well, take sandpaper to pisyun and hand back and forth you drive to prick open and close, then a buzz comes and molofi follows. – I explained popular. – And that would be cool? – More like, be sure to try it, but if you have to do it or devchenkoy persuade her that she did it, all cool, just do not tell anyone either, and the guys can laughed. – And if you will show girls, they too can dishevel. – Do not worry Sasha, we are their beer watered and try to make us undress or masturbate, then just do not tell you, you just play along with me. – Wow, cool, I have long wanted to see Leskinu pussy. – Sasha supported my idea.

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